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Too hot in summer & too cold in winter?
Problem solved by replacing your conservatory roof!

A simple upgrade to a more usable space that costs less than you think! Use your conservatory all year round simply by putting a different roof on your existing one.

Your conservatory has so much potential in the beginning. Endless possibilities of relaxing, dining, entertaining guests, a play area for children or even just as extra space for storage. But, if the roof of your conservatory is not insulated or made from quality materials, it’s not long before the problems start to surface:

  • It’s too cold out there in the winter and costs too much to heat
  • It’s too hot in the summer
  • It’s too noisy when it’s windy/rainy
  • It’s too draughty/leaky to store anything in.

And, before you know it, you’ve completely rejected a part of your own home.

Replacing your existing roof with one that provides energy efficient insulation, sound proofing and a solid structure that will stand the test of time will give you a viable living space the whole year round, whatever the British climate throws at you.

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Get up to 3 quotes

for your new conservatory roof today!